In the mountainous region of Nepal, knitting hats, gloves, and sweaters has been a timeless pastime to keep children warm during the long winters. Country folk live a simple life based on the traditions and beliefs of their ancestors. Inspired by indigenous motifs and crafts that have existed for generations in the Himalayan region, our goal is to keep the tradition alive and re-craft them through our knitting communities.At Padhma Knits we believe incorporating a ‘giving component’ into our products adds a deeper level of human association. By combining women’s empowerment, skill development, economic freedom, and education, our product is a fusion of philanthropy and beautiful handiwork by artisans.

 Fall/Winter 2015-2016 Highlights                                                            

 Children's Froggy Beanie

Materials: 100% Lambs Wool,Fleece Lined,Swiss Azo-Free Dyes Size: Ages 6months - 3yrs Cute and colorful Froggy Beanie. Perfect for the little ones who love a fun hat that keeps them warm from the winter chills while playing outside.Hand-crocheted by our finest artisan. 
Merino Popcorn Slouchy Beanie
Materials: 100% Merino Lambs Wool,Fleece Lined,Swiss Azo-Free Dyes Size: Teenage - Adult
A fun and stylish beanie to help enhance your winter look. Merino Lambs Wool gives it a super soft texture and feel. So we no more have to worry about feeling itchy or having to wear acrylic. In addition the slouchy part of the beanie will not make you feel tight on your head which is something most people hate about wearing hats. This beanie is as comfortable as a hat can be. Available in White,Red,Khaki Green and White.
Merino Cable Infinity Scarf/Cowl
Materials:100% Merino Lambs Wool,Swiss Azo-Free Dyes Size:Free Unisex
In order to enjoy winter outdoors one cannot do without a solid and well-made scarf.Our classic and trendy Cable Infinity Scarf keeps your neck and ears super warm. The soft material keeps you away from feeling itchy or uncomfortable. Once you own our Merino Cable Infinity Scarf, you do not have to worry about the cold or depending on an unreliable scarf. Available in white,red,khaki green and black.
Merino Cable Gloves
Materials: 100% Merino Lambs Wool,Swiss Azo-Free Dyes Size: Women,Men
We are bringing back the traditional five finger gloves but with a small twist. The gloves keep your hands warm and toasty. There are openings on the thumb and index finger area which is helpful with you need them free while texting or taking pictures outdoors. You never have to take your gloves off and fear loosing them. The knit style is classic so can be worn by all. Available in Grey,Black,White,Red and Khaki Green.
Flower Vine Embroidered Headbands
Materials: 100% Lambs Wool,Fleece Lined Size: Teenage-Adult
Flowers don't always have to come in a bouquet. They can also come in the form of headbands. Introducing our fun hand embroidered headbands that come in a variety of gorgeous colors. They are fleece Lined inside to give you comfort & warmth.